Questions of K8s provider

i’m trying to control k8s using terraform.
when i configure provider for k8s, i know it’s easy to configure by loading config file.
but i just ask you is it possible to configure provider by only host and token without config file?
token means just k8s api token from service-account token.
my test environment is not public cloud…
when i search in google, i can’t find out because all of this questions are up to public cloud.
thank you…

the problem is solved. by adding “insecure = true”, I can control k8s by api token

Hello @pkr10,

What method are you using to run Kubernetes locally? I would recommend trying this version of the provider if your local kubectl configuration is working as expected.

provider "kubernetes" {}

If that does not work for you, can you provide a bit more information about how your Kubernetes cluster is set up?


Taylor Dolezal