QuickSight subscription and automatic QuickSight Service Role creation

Hi, Can anyone help me out?

I try to subscribe QuickSight account via Terraform and i can’t found a way how to give QuickSight access to AWS services with terraform.

I tried to create aws-quicksight-service-role-v0 role with “aws_iam_role” recource via terraform and i give it right policys to use those aws services i need, but that not worked.

So is there any way to create aws-quicksight-service-role-v0 role thru terraform? if not i dont see how i can automated quicksight deployment if i can’t give Quicksight right permissions to see our data sources from our aws account.

I know that i can login Quicksight console and give those rights from there after terraform created QS subscription but it breaks the idea of automation

any ideas?

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Hello, did you find a way to create the aws-quicksight-service-role-v0 and tells quicksight to used please? I’am facing the same issue.

Sorry for the late response.

I didn’t find a way to create that role with Tf and if i remember correctly i found somewhere statement where said that it cannot be done with tf and it needs to be done manually thru quicksight settings. when it’s done from qs settings it generates that role for you automatically