Readiness probe failed: Key Value

I deployed the following helm chart for vault and I get the following error:

  Normal   Scheduled  25s   default-scheduler  Successfully assigned m4d-system/vault-0    to kind-control-plane
  Normal   Pulled     24s   kubelet            Container image "vault:1.6.2" already present on machine
  Normal   Created    24s   kubelet            Created container vault
 Normal   Started    24s   kubelet            Started container vault
 Warning  Unhealthy  2s    kubelet            Readiness probe failed: Key                Value

— ----- Seal Type shamir
Initialized true
Sealed true
Total Shares 5
Threshold 3
Unseal Progress 0/3
Unseal Nonce n/a
Version 1.6.2
Storage Type file
HA Enabled false

I also do not understand the behavior : sometimes vault is initialized and sealed and sometimes is no initialized and sealed. I appreciate help with that. Thanks.

 enabled: true
 tlsDisable: false
 logLevel: debug
 logFormat: standard
 enabled: true
 # If you need to use a http path instead of the default exec
 # path: /v1/sys/health?standbyok=true
 # When a probe fails, Kubernetes will try failureThreshold times before giving up
failureThreshold: 2
# Number of seconds after the container has started before probe initiates
initialDelaySeconds: 20
# authDelegator enables a cluster role binding to be attached to the service
# account.  This cluster role binding can be used to setup Kubernetes auth
# method.
  enabled: true
  - type: secret
    name: vault-server-tls # Matches the ${SECRET_NAME} from above
 enabled: true
 config: |
   listener "tcp" {
     address = "[::]:8200"
     cluster_address = "[::]:8201"
     tls_cert_file = "/vault/userconfig/vault-server-tls/tls.crt"
     tls_key_file  = "/vault/userconfig/vault-server-tls/tls.key"
     tls_client_ca_file = "/vault/userconfig/vault-server-tls/ca.crt"

  storage "file" {
    path = "/vault/data"

You need to initialize it then unseal the vault 3 times with 3 Unseal Key.

Initialize instance

kubectl exec -it vault-0 -n vault -- vault operator init

Unseal the vault 3 times

kubectl exec -ti vault-0 -n vault -- vault operator unseal

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