Unable to get vault working on my kubernetes cluster

When I install vault like this on my kubernetes cluster:

helm upgrade --install --create-namespace --namespace vault vault hashicorp/vault

Then the pod never gets started completely. I get the following errors:

Readiness probe failed: Key Value — ----- Seal Type shamir Initialized false Sealed true Total Shares 0 Threshold 0 Unseal Progress 0/0 Unseal Nonce n/a Version 1.12.1 Build Date 2022-10-27T12:32:05Z Storage Type file HA Enabled false

and the log of the pods gives

vault-0.txt (9.8 KB)

I have no clue what I should do, I have never used vault until now, I don’t know how I can make it work on my cluster. Would someone mind helping?

Nothing is wrong here - you’ve simply stopped after installing the Helm chart, and not continued to perform other normal required steps of setting up a new Vault cluster.

https://developer.hashicorp.com/vault/tutorials/kubernetes/kubernetes-raft-deployment-guide#initialize-and-unseal-vault may help with the immediate issue, however generally I’d suggest it’s better for someone to become familiar with Vault operations by running an experimental server outside of Kubernetes first, as it is far easier to experiment and learn through trying things when you can just edit config files and restart servers immediately, rather than working through the abstraction layers of Kubernetes and Helm.

Some of the Getting Started tutorials on that site may help with this.

Ok thank you for the suggestion. I think the documentation is misleading on that point. I went through this doc:

And I was not expecting the current behavior at all. When I install whatever helm chart, I do not expect it to leave pods in a state like the one the vault is in. I think that’d be more than worth documenting …