Recommended Spread Method in a DC?

Hi folks,

Just looking to crowdsource some thoughts here - we have a single DC with multiple workers in a nomad cluster, and we want to spread our jobs evenly across all workers. We’re working with an older version of nomad right now and after a restart, it seems to dump all jobs onto one worker, which isn’t great.

We don’t have any additional attributes or configuration at the minute. What would be the best method of having:

  • Spread across all available workers
  • Don’t dump them all onto the same worker
  • Don’t block deployments if all but one worker are unavailable

I don’t want to end up in a scenario where, should we lose all but one worker, it’ll refuse to deploy because we’ve set up very strict rules to prevent that - but I want it to avoid that scenario unless absolutely necessary. What would your thoughts be? How would you handle the spread, using which attributes?

Thank you for your thoughts!

(Edit: Based on this: Nomad doesn’t spread processes evenly on all servers - Nomad - HashiCorp Discuss is the best? What would happen in the scenario where there’s only one node remaining?)

Guess you want to change the SchedulerAlgorithm : Scheduler - Operator - HTTP API | Nomad by HashiCorp
The default is binpack, which makes a lot of sens when using public cloud resources, much less when you’re running on prem or with dedicated servers. In this case, you can set the scheduler to spread


That looks like…exactly what I need! Thank you!

An additional question on this if you don’t mind - our environment is already bootstrapped. If I update via the API, does that persist going forward even between cluster restarts, etc? Or will it return to the bootstrapped value at some point?


Hi @Eambo,

The update and configuration is persisted to state and therefore will survive server restarts and upgrades.

jrasell and the Nomad team

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Thank you both kindly for the answers, this looks much healthier for our environment now and with minimal effort compared to changing our job templates :slight_smile:

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