Reenable Audit log in Same Path which is already exist

Hi ,

I would like to re enable the audit log in the same path which is already exist.

I am using vault enterprise.

Could you please help me the steps and command to reenable the vault audit log in same path

I’m not sure I understand the question. Although I suspect it has to do with the naming of the commands. “enable” and “disable” with audit devices are “turn on” and “turn off” … you don’t disable it and still see it there as disabled. When you disable it, it’s gone and deleted. Just enable (“create”) a new one.

$ vault audit list 
Path     Type    Description
----     ----    -----------
file/    file    n/a
$ vault audit disable file/
Success! Disabled audit device (if it was enabled) at: file/
$ vault audit list 
No audit devices are enabled.
$ vault audit enable -local file file_path=/tmp/vault.log
Success! Enabled the file audit device at: file/

Ref: Audit Devices | Vault by HashiCorp