Release to multiple ECS clusters at once

I haven’t tested Waypoint yet, but I’m planning to test it in the next few days. I’m curious is there a possibility to use 1 docker image and release it to the multiple ECS Clusters/Services at once?
Imagine I have a microservice based app, and Docker image is built by Waypoint and pushed to the ECR repository and tagged as v2.4. Then I select that image v2.4 and release it with Waypoint to 10 ECS clusters each in a separate AWS Account. What I aim here is to automate this deployment process without manually deploying to every ECS Cluster. Is that approach supported by Waypoint, and if not , when we should expect that feature?

Anyone who can help me ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m looking to do something similar and curious to know where you landed with this. Anything you can share about the approach?