Remote plans using Terraform Cloud ask for variables that are already loaded

Hi all!

Running a plan locally stopped working a couple of hours ago. Now is asking for variables and when the plan runs directly on Terraform Cloud it works.

Someone else is experiencing this issue? Something changed and now the remote plans that I run locally needs a .tfvars file?

Terraform Version: 0.12.8

Did you create a new Terraform workspace?
A few weeks ago, when HashiCorp added remote operations to the Terraform Cloud free tier, the default behaviour of Terraform Cloud workspaces changed from local execution to remote execution. If you created a new workspace you might have picked up that new behaviour and are inadvertently using remote execution even though you’re running terraform <plan|apply> from your CLI?!

You can change the execution mode in Terraform Cloud under the Settings -> General page of your workspace.

The configuration was ok, now is working fine, maybe was a Terraform issue.