RemoteBackend with Python

What is the correct way to define a RemoteBackend for cdk with Python? I tried the following based on the blog example, but it didn’t work.

from cdktf import App, TerraformStack, TerraformOutput, RemoteBackend
stack = MyStack(app, "hello-terraform")
    hostname= "",
    workspaces= {"name": 'hello-terraform'}

Thanks for raising this question. workspaces expects an object of a class which implements the IRemoteWorkspace interface. That would be either the class NamedRemoteWorkspace or PrefixedRemoteWorkspaces from the cdktf package.

A working RemoteBackend would look like this:

    hostname= "",

@jsteinich do you remember why the workspace values are wrapped in classes rather than an interface?

Thanks @skorfmann!

Your example above with the following line worked for me.
from cdktf import RemoteBackend, NamedRemoteWorkspace

Was missing NamedRemoteWorkspace earlier.

I believe that’s trying to indicate that name and prefix are conflicting options.
Even if it were an interface, workspaces= {"name": 'hello-terraform'} might not work due to some limitations in jsii