Not able to create a terraform cloud workspace using cdk for python and tfe provider

#!/usr/bin/env python
from constructs import Construct
from cdktf import App, TerraformStack, CloudBackend, NamedCloudWorkspace
from cdktf_cdktf_provider_tfe.workspace import Workspace
from cdktf_cdktf_provider_tfe.project import Project
from cdktf_cdktf_provider_tfe.provider import TfeProvider
from util import read_input

class MyStack(TerraformStack):
    def __init__(self, scope: Construct, id: str):
        super().__init__(scope, id)

        TfeProvider(self, "tfe", organization="'sample-org")

        result = Workspace(self, id_="ws_test_1", name="test_ws_1", organization="'sample-org")

app = App()
stack = MyStack(app, "workspace_configuration")


The error I am getting ,
Terraform v1.3.6
on linux_amd64
tfe_workspace.ws_test_1: Creating…

│ Error: Error creating workspace test_ws_1 for organization sample-org: resource not found

│ with tfe_workspace.ws_test_1,
│ on line 30, in resource.tfe_workspace.ws_test_1:
│ 30: }

Operation failed: failed running terraform apply (exit 1)

I have ensured that I terraform login already setup up, I have TFE_TOKEN set as env. It fails at “apply” but shows “plan” as expected.

It is weird error !! I have corresponding terraform HCL based code which works fine. Please tell me if there is a bug with TFE provider in CDK.

Hi @nitesh-ftr :wave:

Are you still facing this? If yes, please file a bug in our main repository.