ReplicationRule For Existing Bucket destroys the Bucket while Apply Instead of Updating Bucket

Problem Statement -I have 2 buckets source and destination with 100+ objects in them and both have versioning enabled. I want to replicate all the source objects to the destination bucket which I will have to do with the Replication rule. Now I added the rule through terraforming but as I wanted the existing objects also be replicated but to do so terraform needs some AWS support to enable that feature . amazon-s3-developer-guide/ at master · awsdocs/amazon-s3-developer-guide · GitHub So then decided to do it manually which worked but when I do plan and apply it to terraform, it destroys that rule which is obvious. Now, when I try to just integrate the replicate rule (ignoring the existing_object block) it says bucket will be destroyed.
Can we not just have an option to update the bucket with just the replication configuration?