S3 Replication Configuration Bug?

Hi, I currently have the following code for S3 Replication within one of my buckets to a bucket in another AWS Account.

replication_configuration {
    role = aws_iam_role.this.arn

    rules {
      id = "replication"
      status = "Enabled"
      destination {
        account_id = var.destination_account_id
        access_control_translation {
          owner = "Destination"
        bucket = var.bucket_arn # Target bucket destination. (in another account.)


However, I’m finding that the ‘Replica Owner’ in S3 seems to toggle between ‘Destination bucket owner’ (as specified in the code) and ‘Same as Source’ without any changes being made between each ‘terraform apply’.

I’m wondering whether I’ve missed something in the configuration here or if there’s some kind of bug affecting the way these rules are deployed and managed?