Research topic Nomad


I’m finishing an MSc and I would like to elicit ideas relating to Nomad in order to finish my final Dissertation.

Perhaps a research topic around Nomad vs Kubernetes in some areas would be a fine topic. I have a 7-node Raspberry Pi cluster at home so I could even do some benchmarking and comparisons with them.

But the question really is this one: Which research questions would you explore? They have to be open-ended questions but something that can be answered in 1 or 2 months of dedicated work.

My supervisor even suggested that whatever I compare, I could build an R Shiny dashboard showcasing the results. But that’s another topic.

Thank you!

Hi @DrumSergio

Thanks for using Nomad. I don’t have any immediate ideas for you but have you tried searching for nomad or on Google Scholar? Maybe some inspiration there?

  • Derek and the Nomad Team