Resource "fortios_system_interface" ERROR

Good evening dear,

I have tried to create a resource which sends the following error:


provider “fortios” {

hostname     = ""

token        = "99ysGmQybw4jdkkjrtxGHz44dk9Qhj"

insecure     = true


resource “fortios_system_interface” “redtf” {

    vdom         = "root"

    //description  = "Created by Terraform Provider for FortiOS"



Error: Error creating SystemInterface resource: Internal Server Error - Internal error when processing the request (500)

on line 51, in resource “fortios_system_interface” “redtf”:
51: resource “fortios_system_interface” “redtf”

Terraform v0.13.5

Any solution?

It’s been a while since I worked with the FortiOS provider and they have updated a lot. You listed very little in your fortios_system_interface, just the vdom (which looks right to me). Did you just leave out more details for security or is there nothing out. Because without a name, the firewall can’t create a new interface.