Resource that is provisioned using Cloud9 Environment EC2

I’m looking into using Terraform to create an AWS Cloud9 IDE environment (cloud9control in the AWS management console) and thought I could use the aws_cloud9_environment_ec2 resource to do so.

The command runs successfully, but instead of a Cloud9 environment as the name would suggest, the only thing I can see created in the AWS management console is an EC2 instance (checking with the name and returned ID).

Is there something I’m missing here? Does the command not create a Cloud9 development environment as it suggests? Is there a Terraform command for that?

When I output the URL as the guide suggests (Terraform Registry) I do get a URL returned, but when I open it I get a 400 error, so I’m not sure if the creation was successful or not - and looking at AWS, I don’t think it did

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It happens the same to me. Help are welcome