Restarting a waypoint-managed app?

Is there a way to restart a waypoint-managed app? I can’t find anything in the docs or Github Issues about it.

Hi @lukemelia! Could you explain more how you expect “restart” to behave?
We do support a cycling where you can wind down the current app and configs and “restart” it again. Is that you’re looking for? Or are you looking to terminate the underlying instance completely?

Cycling sounds like what I am looking for. Where can I find docs on that?

(For more context, I am used to heroku, where I can do heroku ps:restart and restart one or more dynos.)

Currently we don’t have a designated command for exactly that, but Waypoint automatically restarts the application if it senses a config change, or you can refresh artifacts with another waypoint deploy. This is an interesting feature idea though!

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