Scaling Mesh Gateways

Hopefully this is a quick question to answer but we have been wondering about mesh gateway scaling. Lets say we have Server 1A in Cluster A that’s running mesh and Server 1B in cluster B running mesh gateways. If we need to add more throughput can we just add Server2A and Server 2B and start mesh gateways on that and traffic will now be round robin’d between 1A and 1B when proxying requests across datacenters?

Hi @idrennanvmware,

Yes, that’s exactly how all of our gateways (Mesh, Ingress, and Terminating) are designed to scale.

We could do a better job of calling this out. Scaling is briefly mentioned at the end of, but not on the Mesh Gateway docs under Definitely something we should fix. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the fast response. That’s great news. Appreciate the clarification!