Self-hosted hashicorp worker status

Hi Team,
How to know the status of the worker .i.e running or not running? Currently, I am using self-hosted enterprise hashicorp boundary where I can see the worker in the boundary ui page but how to know if the worker is running or not. My ingress worker is running on another vm using “KMS aead worker-auth”. When I start the worker (./boundary server config=ingress-worker.hcl) it starts the worker server and start logging data and then shutdown. is this normal behaviour?

apart from this, what worker makes differentiate with boundary controller , i believe only configuration in the .hcl file. also, not sure if worker should be running as systemd service in case of worker is running all the times as boundary server runs as systemd service.

I could not find much info about worker status:

What worker version are you running and what does the worker log when it shuts down? If you’re not using a recent version of the enterprise binary to run the worker, that might be the culprit, but the logs will have more information.

Right now the only way to tell if the worker is running or not is to check the Last Seen time in the UI or Last Status Time in the CLI. Healthy workers report their status to the control plane on a regular basis, so if it’s been over a minute since the worker last reported status, that indicates an issue with the worker.

The .hcl configuration file is what determines if the Boundary binary starts up as a controller or worker.

I’ll talk to our docs team about improving our documentation around worker status- thanks!

I saw this last seen status in boundary ui page under workers, I find the issue with ingress worker, which is related to “checking boundary controller connection: worker.checkhcpconnection: upstream is not a licensed Boundary controller or worker”

I have already Enterprise boundary controller version 0.15.0+ent running on different vm and also boundary worker has same version of binary without specifying license details in KMS Ingress worker config file. Should I have to use the same license file for worker as I did for boundary controller?