Separate Consul cluster for service discovery and storage?

From the reference architecture docs for Vault with the Consul storage backend:

It is important to use a dedicated Consul cluster for Vault storage, separate from any Consul cluster used for other purposes, to minimize resource contention on the storage layer. This will likely necessitate using non-default ports for Consul network connectivity.

The documentation is then pretty thorough about getting that storage backend working. Now, once that is set up, should I run additional Consul agents on Vault servers to connect to my broader service discovery Consul cluster? Maybe it’s obviously the case, but I wanted to be sure I didn’t embark on some dead-end journey.

It turns out that integrated storage is much simpler to get working (and is generally the new recommended configuration unless otherwise needed).

But if others do embark on the Consul storage route, it’s fine to have a service discovery Consul client running on Vault servers which does the service registration, etc.