Serve Consul-API to Services with Consul Connect


im currently trying out consul connect on three hosts where nomad, consul and docker are installed.
If connect is used across services ran by docker tasks it works perfectly and i love how the intentions and acls work.
However one of my apps needs to read data from the clustered consul instances installed on the hosts.
I didnt find any good solution to supply this app with the consul api through a sidecar service.
Is there any way to configure the consul instances to run a sidecar service for the own api (port 8500) or providing it natively in the service mesh?

Many thanks and best regards

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Hi @Marco98,

Consul does not currently expose its own services through the sidecar.

In a typical deployment there would be a Consul agent running on the same host as the application. The application can connect to directly to the agent’s HTTP API using the configured -client address (typically the loopback IP).

Depending on the data your application requires, you may also be able to use Nomad’s template stanza to render the configuration using data from Consul’s key/value store or service catalog.