[Service brokering]Have a clone of a resource per app revision

I have seen that one of the things you have on the roadmap is service brokering:

From what I understand waypoint would call unto the given platform to provision said resource for the app and thereafter configure it to use that resource.

It would be great to have maybe a smaller clone of that resource for each the my unreleased branches that can be destroyed ounce the branch is released or using the production resource. Here I am thinking of databases as an example.

I could clone the production database, add a sample of the data from the production database and apply new migrations if any using a hook. Then I could run my acceptance tests on an environment that is very similar to production.

Thanks for the feedback!

Per-workspace services is definitely something that’s on our mind as we think through this. This isn’t yet planned in detail so having information like this is helpful.

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FYI I do it all the time on heroku. I don’t have have a large database so I usually create a database dump that I apply to my clone but involves a lot of scripts that I would love no to deal with in an ideal scenario.