Setting the SCSI Controller Type

Hello all. I am new to Terraform. I am working on some automation that deploys an OVF from a content library. When I deploy the OVF manually from vCenter it deploys with LSI Logic Parallel SCSI controller type, which is the one I want. When deploying via terraform/vSphere provider it deploys using pvscsi . I am trying to figure out where it’s making that decision and how to override it. The OVF is Ubuntu Linux (64-bit) . This is from the debug log . Thank you.

Line 1211: - .scsi_type: planned value cty.StringVal(“pvscsi”) for a non-computed attribute
Line 1297: 2024-02-06T15:50:48.625Z [INFO] provider.terraform-provider-vsphere_v2.2.0_x5.exe: 2024/02/06 15:50:48 [DEBUG] NormalizeBus: Normalizing first 1 controllers on SCSI bus to device type pvscsi: timestamp=2024-02-06T15:50:48.613Z
Line 1301: 2024-02-06T15:50:48.627Z [INFO] provider.terraform-provider-vsphere_v2.2.0_x5.exe: 2024/02/06 15:50:48 [DEBUG] swapSCSIDevice: Swapping SCSI device for one of controller type pvscsi: lsilogic-1000: timestamp=2024-02-06T15:50:48.614Z