Sleuth Provider - getting 4040 bad request when passing build_provider in project creation

Hi, I am creating sleuth project using terraform but when I create project and try to pass build_provider. I am getting error -

Error: non-200 OK status code: 400 Bad Request body: “{"errors":[{"message":"Variable \"$input\" got invalid value {\"buildProvider\": \"Bitbucket (Connected as Sleuth Account)\", \"changeFailureRateBoundary\": \"UNHEALTHY\", \"failureSensitivity\": 420, \"impactSensitivity\": \"NORMAL\", \"issueTrackerProvider\": \"SOURCE_PROVIDER\", \"name\": \"tf-arcade-app\", \"slug\": \"tf-arcade-app\"}.\nIn field \"buildProvider\": Expected type \"TrackBuildProviderType\", found \"Bitbucket (Connected as Sleuth Account)\".","locations":[{"line":1,"column":10}]}]}”

Can someone point out what can be issue. Without passing build_provider, project gets created fine.