SOLVED: Tutorial "Enforce a Policy": No Remaining Versioned Policy Sets

Going through this tutorial I’m trying to select GitHub in TFC after clicking the button to add a new policy set on the Policy Sets page. Error message:

“There are no remaining versioned policy sets that can be created in this organization.”

I have no other Policy Sets or Policies set up. Tried creating a different organization, same problem. Is this a known issue?

If I look at the relevant screen in my own organization, it seems to be implying that Free tier users only get to use non-versioned (not connected to GitHub) policy sets.

Whether that’s intentional on HashiCorp’s part, or not, I have no idea.

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Indeed. And it’s unfortunate that they don’t mention this in the prerequisites:

This tutorial assumes that you are familiar with Terraform Cloud and you have an existing Terraform Cloud workspace configured with AWS access credentials.

Edit: I found the following note in the tutorial:

Terraform Cloud Free Edition includes one policy set of up to five policies. In Terraform Cloud Plus Edition, you can connect a policy set to a version control repository or create policy set versions via the API. Refer to Terraform Cloud pricing for details.

This confirms your assumption - sorry for the false alarm.