SOLVED: Tutorial "Enforce a Policy": No Remaining Versioned Policy Sets

Going through this tutorial I’m trying to select GitHub in TFC after clicking the button to add a new policy set on the Policy Sets page. Error message:

“There are no remaining versioned policy sets that can be created in this organization.”

I have no other Policy Sets or Policies set up. Tried creating a different organization, same problem. Is this a known issue?

If I look at the relevant screen in my own organization, it seems to be implying that Free tier users only get to use non-versioned (not connected to GitHub) policy sets.

Whether that’s intentional on HashiCorp’s part, or not, I have no idea.

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Indeed. And it’s unfortunate that they don’t mention this in the prerequisites:

This tutorial assumes that you are familiar with Terraform Cloud and you have an existing Terraform Cloud workspace configured with AWS access credentials.

Edit: I found the following note in the tutorial:

Terraform Cloud Free Edition includes one policy set of up to five policies. In Terraform Cloud Plus Edition, you can connect a policy set to a version control repository or create policy set versions via the API. Refer to Terraform Cloud pricing for details.

This confirms your assumption - sorry for the false alarm.

It’s completely unfair that Hashicorp would intentionally leave a blackhole within such an amazing tutorial without a single note. Ive lost two nights trying to troubleshoot that thing!

So far, what i figured, given you have only one free token, the solution is to interchange your Version Control System (VCS) repository in the Policy Sets settings for each project. This process may require renaming or archiving the previous repository, but it appears to be the most effective approach at the moment.