Source for eksctl create iamidentitymapping?

I need to run the following through terraform but I have not found the necessary resource.

eksctl create iamidentitymapping
 -cluster ${cluster}
 -arn "arn:aws:iam::${account}:role/${ssorole}"
 -username cluster-admin

Any ideas how to do it?

Hi @pilchita,

According to the documentation for eksctl create iamidentitymapping, this command is apparently just manipulating a config map called aws-auth, and so perhaps you could manage it with Terraform using kubernetes_config_map_v1_data from the hashicorp/kubernetes provider

I’m afraid I’m not experienced enough with EKS to show a full example, but hopefully the above is a useful starting point for further research. Maybe someone else in the forum is more familiar with the details, too.