SSL Cert Doesnt Exist when creating cloudfront distribution

System Info:
Terraform CLI
Terraform v1.6.6
on darwin_amd64

I’m attempting to create a cloud front distribution attached to my ALB with an alias assigned to it. I have created the ACM certificate and verified it. I have confirmed that the the cert exists in us-east-1 and that it has been verified and had the route53 records created. When it attempts to create the distribution it fails with the following message:

Error: creating CloudFront Distribution: InvalidViewerCertificate: The specified SSL certificate doesn’t exist, isn’t in us-east-1 region, isn’t valid, or doesn’t include a valid certificate chain.
│ status code: 400, request id: 303fcfd8-85bb-47a6-95dd-f7c95fdcc221

I’m attatching a trace log and the relevant portion of my terraform code. Any help would be appreciated.

tf.tracelog.txt (2.4 MB) (2.5 KB)