Start esxi existing vm

I’m new to Vagrant and trying to use it along with Ansible to do some work/testing. Thought was I could have a snapshotted VM on my esxi server (in my home lab), use Vagrant to restore to that snapshot and start the VM then have the Ansible playbook run. When it fails the first bunch of times, I can repeat the process very quickly.

I’m using the free esxi 6.5.0 and as such, there is no template function which is why I typically create my vm and do all the baseline setup then shutdown and snapshot it. That’s my “template” to instantiate from.

Problem is I can’t find any instructions on how to use Vagrant to restore/startup an existing esxi vm. I’ve successfully installed the plugin and have validated a connection to my esxi but every instruction I can find wants to download a baseos image from somewhere and that’s not what I want.

If you have any links to a good tutorial, would appreciate it. If it’s not possible, then alternatives - other than manually restoring and starting the vm every time.