Statement construct for cdktf DataAwsIamPolicyDocument

I used the aws_iam_policy_document in terraform to define data json as below for statement

statement {
        sid = "DenyMAccount"
        actions= ["s3:PutObject"]
        resources= ["*"]
        effect= "Deny"
        condition { 
            test= "StringLike"
            variable= "aws:PrincipalArn"
            values= ["sample"]

and it works fine.
But when I use same statement for cdktf DataAwsIamPolicyDocument, I am getting an error.

 Key 'statement': Unable to deserialize value as cdktf.IResolvable | array<aws.iam.DataAwsIamPolicyDocumentStatement> | undefined
            ├── 🛑 Failing value is a string

Not finding documentation on how to give a sample statement for cdktf DataAwsIamPolicyDocument

Any recommendation is appreciated.

Can you post a code snippet?

From the error, it sounds as though you are passing a string when an array of objects (with the same properties as in hcl) is required.