Step-by-step Instructions for installing vault as a service

Is there a step-by-step guide for installing vault as a service from the binary/zip? A lot of posts point at this page, but this seems to only cover installing vault from a package manager, which is great if you have access to the Internet…

Hi @steven ,

All the step-by-step guides that I am aware of are at

The only thing you should need other than the Vault binary is a service configuration. You can find an example in the Vault repository (assuming systemd):

Other configuration settings for running, whether using the binary or a package manager, would then happen in the Vault config (listener, telemetry stanzas etc…) as show in this guide:

Thanks Jonathan, I’ve got quite far, but this links back to the same page, which says “Pre-built Vault packages are available from the HashiCorp Linux Repository. In addition to the installing the Vault binary, the official package also seeds Vault with a working configuration, a systemd service unit, and a local vault user account under which the service will be run”. I know that, but I don’t have access to the repo, only the binary. It would help if I could just download the rpm, but I can’t find that either.
I need to create a vault user now, I think, because I have a message:

vault.service: Failed to determine user credentials: No such process
vault.service: Failed at step USER spawning /usr/bin/vault: No such process.

What distro are you using? I will see if i can write something up.

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OK, so resolved this. Basically copied it from my Internet-facing environment.

groupadd -g 990 vault
useradd vault -u 990 -g 990 -m -s /bin/false

At least, that’s what yum seems to have done.

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I may create a shell script. I’m surprised HashiCorp don’t bundle one with the zip

That would be a great community contribution!

Just found this. Wish I’d found it earlier :roll_eyes: