String Value is Required for google

The code on your tutorial page for GCP seems wrong. This is taken from the following guide:

This is the code that is on the page:

terraform {
  required_providers {
    google = {
      source = "hashicorp/google"
      version = "3.5.0"

provider "google" {
  credentials = file("<NAME>.json")

  project = "<PROJECT_ID>"
  region  = "us-central1"
  zone    = "us-central1-c"

resource "google_compute_network" "vpc_network" {
  name = "terraform-network"

And whether I do terraform plan or terraform apply I get the following error:

Error: Invalid version constraint

  on line 3, in terraform:
   3:     google = {
   4:       source = "hashicorp/google"
   5:       version = "3.5.0"
   6:     }

A string value is required for google.

Fixed it now, had an older version of Terraform

Thanks for following up, @qmilangowin!

Indeed, Terraform v0.13 introduced this new syntax for specifying both a source and a version for each provider, whereas older versions expected just a single string containing the version.