Support multiple interfaces/IP's in bind_addr?


I believe it should be possible to listen to multiple addresses instead of one.
It’s pretty common (IMO) for computers to have multiple network interfaces and multiple IP addresses.

This is more so with IPV6 where you can assign IP’s like candy.

Are there any plans to support this?

For example in PostgreSQL you have listen_addresses:

listen_addresses (string)

Specifies the TCP/IP address(es) on which the server is to listen for connections from client applications. The value takes the form of a comma-separated list of host names and/or numeric IP addresses. The special entry * corresponds to all available IP interfaces. The entry allows listening for all IPv4 addresses and :: allows listening for all IPv6 addresses. If the list is empty, the server does not listen on any IP interface at all, in which case only Unix-domain sockets can be used to connect to it. The default value is localhost, which allows only local TCP/IP “loopback” connections to be made. While client authentication (Chapter 19) allows fine-grained control over who can access the server, listen_addresses controls which interfaces accept connection attempts, which can help prevent repeated malicious connection requests on insecure network interfaces. This parameter can only be set at server start.

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