Terraform 0.14.0-alpha releases

The Terraform core team is excited to announce that we will be releasing early pre-release builds throughout the development of 0.14.0. Our hope is that this will encourage the community to try out in-progress features, and offer feedback to help guide the rest of our development.

These builds will be released as the 0.14.0-alpha series, with the pre-release version including the date of release. For example, today’s release is 0.14.0-alpha20200910.

Each release will include one or more changes that we are explicitly looking for help with testing. We’ll post here on the discussion forums explaining how to try out the build, and what kind of feedback we’re looking for.

How do I download the build?

The forum post announcing the release will include links to the downloads for all supported platforms. Because we’re using the usual releases.hashicorp.com download location, you can also use tools like tfenv to download these versions.

Can I use these alpha releases in production?

Please don’t! While we don’t intend to release broken builds, these releases are very early in development, and not supported for production use. Instead, please try out the builds in isolated test environments.

How can I switch between Terraform versions?

Important note: you cannot easily move a configuration from an alpha release of Terraform back to a prior stable release. If you use an alpha release with a production state file, you will not be able to easily downgrade to a regular release.

As a result, we recommend sticking with a stable release of Terraform for production. You can use a version manager such as tfenv to use the alpha release with your test projects, and a stable release with your real environment.

I have opinions! Where do I put them?

Please share your thoughts in the relevant feature thread on this forum. If there doesn’t seem to be a suitable thread, feel free to start a new one. The core team reads this forum regularly and we’ll try to respond as soon as we can.

Forum posts are hard. How can I give more detailed feedback?

We’d love to hear from you! We’re happy to set up a Zoom call to discuss your thoughts if possible. Please reach out to our Product Manager, Petros Kolyvas, via direct message at @pkolyvas.