Terraform v0.14.6 released

Hi all,

Today we’ve released the next v0.14 minor release, v0.14.6. This release contains fixes for a number of bugs that folks have reported since the v0.14.0 release. Thanks for the feedback!

For more details on what’s in this release, please refer to the release changelog.

You might also be interested to know that throughout the v0.15 development period (which is currently ongoing) we’ve been releasing development snapshots in the form of alpha releases. Although we don’t recommend using them for “real” configurations – they are literally just snapshots from the main branch and so may contain incomplete work – if you’re interested in a preview of what might be in the final release you can see the latest alpha changelog and also download and try the snapshot builds.

If you find any unexpected behaviors while trying out an alpha release, please let us know by opening a GitHub issue. Thanks!