Terraform azure rm provider upgrade to 3.73 issue

While upgrading terraform azure rm provider version from 2.72 to latest 3.73 during the first run of terraform apply we get the below issues.

Error 1.
When applying changes to provider “provider [“Terraform Registry\”] produced an unexpected new value : Root resource was present but now absent.
Error : Provider produced inconsistent result after apply

Error 2 :
When expanding plan for azurerm monitor metric alert to include new value learned so far during apply , provider produced an invalid new value for action planned set element “ web hook_properties” city.NullVal (city.Map(city.String))}) doesn’t correlate with any element in actual.There is a bug in the provider ,which should be reported in the provider’s own issue tracker.

However if we run terraform apply again , these issues are resolved. Kindly please help to resolve the mentioned issues.