Terraform CDK GO provider generate


I’m trying to use terraform cdk but i’m having problems when i try run my terraform cdk application on docker.

The Errors i got are:

 generated/outscope-solutions/agilec/agilec.go:482:2: duplicate method Count
    generated/outscope-solutions/agilec/agilec.go:482:2: duplicate method SetCount
    generated/outscope-solutions/agilec/agilec.go:1071:2: duplicate method Count
    generated/outscope-solutions/agilec/agilec.go:1071:2: duplicate method SetCount
    generated/outscope-solutions/agilec/agilec.go:1660:2: duplicate method Count
    generated/outscope-solutions/agilec/agilec.go:1660:2: duplicate method SetCount
    generated/outscope-solutions/agilec/agilec.go:2260:2: duplicate method Count
    generated/outscope-solutions/agilec/agilec.go:2260:2: duplicate method SetCount
    generated/outscope-solutions/agilec/agilec.go:2875:22: undefined: cdktf.IInterpolatingParent
    generated/outscope-solutions/agilec/agilec.go:2876:27: undefined: cdktf.IInterpolatingParent
    generated/outscope-solutions/agilec/agilec.go:2260:2: too many errors

The provider that i’m using is : Provider

the cdktf get to generate the provider works well in my local computer. My problem is in docker.

I’m using this Dockerfile

The environment seems equal from my computer environment.

Terraform version : v1.1.0 (Also tried in last terraform version)
Go Version: go1.17.2
github.com/aws/jsii-runtime-go: v1.54.0

When compare the generated files between my local pc and in the docker, i notice they are different. Anyone can help with this? Why my docker environment generate different go files to provider?

Fábio Santos

What version of go do you have on your local computer?
I’m using a bit older image based on that dockerfile (has go 1.16) and generation seems fine.

Hi @jsteinich ,

Tks for the answer. Hi notice the my problem was cdktf had different version from my local environment.

Tks for the availiablity.

Fábio Santos