Terraform CLI v1.1.0-beta2 released

Today we’ve released Terraform CLI v1.1.0-beta2 . This release continues the prerelease feedback period for Terraform v1.1.0.

As usual, we don’t recommend using prerelease builds in production but if you try them in test environments and have feedback then we’d love to hear about it in GitHub issues.

The v1.1 release will have several new features:

  • moved blocks for refactoring within modules: Module authors can now record in module source code whenever they’ve changed the address of a resource or resource instance, and then during planning Terraform will automatically migrate existing objects in the state to new addresses.This therefore avoids the need for module users to manually run terraform state mv after upgrading to a newer module version, as long as the change is expressible as static configuration. However, terraform state mv remains available for use in more complex migration situations that are not well-suited to declarative configuration.
  • A new cloud option in the terraform settings block adds a more native integration for Terraform Cloud and its CLI-driven run workflow. The Cloud integration includes several enhancements, including per-run variable support using the -var flag, the ability to map Terraform Cloud workspaces to the current configuration via Workspace Tags , and an improved user experience for Terraform Cloud/Enterprise users with actionable error messages and prompts.

There are various other enhancements and bug fixes too. For more information, see the beta release notes.