Terraform CLI v1.1.0-rc1 released

Today we released Terraform CLI v1.1.0-rc1, which is intended to become Terraform CLI v1.1.0 final unless we receive any high-priority feedback. We’d love for you to try this release candidate and let us know if you encounter any problems, by opening a new issue on GitHub.

Terraform CLI v1.1.0 has already had two beta releases and so we believe this is now ready to use, although as always we advise caution about using prereleases in production without first testing in a less-critical context.

One highlight of this release is a new language feature for declaring moved and renamed resource addresses which Terraform can then take into account when creating a plan, using moved blocks, allowing for certain common kinds of refactoring within the normal plan/apply workflow, without the need to run terraform state mv as a separate step.

moved {
  from = aws_instance.foo
  to   = aws_instance.bar

If you are already using a Terraform v1.0 patch release then you can safely use this release candidate to run terraform plan (to create a speculative plan, not to be applied) to verify that there aren’t any unexpected proposed changes or new errors. Creating a speculative plan will read the data for already-existing objects and any declared data sources, but will not apply any planned changes to your infrastructure.

For more information, including some upgrade notes, refer to the changelog above. This release stays within the Terraform v1.0 Compatibility Promises, but does include some minor changes not covered by those promises. If you are upgrading from a release earlier than v1.0 then there are no additional mandatory upgrade steps but please refer to the Terraform v1.0 upgrade guide to learn about possible extra steps you may need to take before upgrading to releases newer than v1.0.0.