Terraform cloud best practice for workspaces dependencies

I’m following Terraform best practice to manage my infrastructure as a code for my company.
We have multiple AWS accounts and i’ve separated each component to a different tf cloud workspace.
Many of the workspaces have dependencies and as it states in the link i attached

Terraform Cloud doesn’t currently have the ability to act on these dependencies, but features like cascading updates and promotion are coming soon, and you’ll be able to use them more easily if you already understand how your workspaces relate.

Is there any news on when these features will come through? and if they are even being worked on?


Hi @omri.shilton,

With today’s Terraform Cloud you can partially represent dependencies between workspaces using “Run Triggers”:

Work is currently underway on a more thorough approach to managing this sort of complexity, in the form of “Stacks”:

It’s currently in private preview. I think there’s some info about that later in that video, though I’ve not confirmed since I’m writing this in a place where I can’t currently listen to the audio from that video.