Several different workspace runs as a pipeline?

Is there a good way to link TF cloud workspaces so they can represent a series of steps like a CI pipeline?

I have root modules that must be applied as a series because later modules consume provider configuration from earlier ones.

I’m exploring the TF cloud workspace VCS workflow with GitHub placing each root module in a separate repo. I could write Actions that trigger subsequent modules’ repo workflows in series or orchestate them as submodules in a parent project repo.

A bit of context in case this topic sounds familiar. This is a follow-up on the same project I asked about earlier when I was looking for Terraform-cli-native way to express the relationship between root modules. @stuart-c, who uses Jenkins for this purpose, helped me understand in that topic that I needed an external system to express that relationship, so now I’m looking to do that with TF Cloud and GH Actions, if it’s possible.

I discovered workspace triggers which enable me to run a workspace when another one finishes a run. This is a start toward a TF Cloud-based pipeline of workspaces.

Can I do something similar with an array no-code workflows? For example, provide a GitHub repository with multiple root modules with each workspace targeting one module’s directory in the repo, and each no-code workflow triggered by the prior workflow.