Terraform Cloud, issue with triggering individual workspaces

We have 4 workspaces.


Each workspace code is in separate directory for example Lambda directory code is for Workspace-Lambda, all directory are in the same repo.

With terraform cloud, the terraform plan will be triggered when a push or Peer Review merge happens on main branch. This will trigger all 4 workspaces.

But I would like to configure in such a way that, if my git-push has only changes to files under lambda directory, which means i only updated code in Lambda Directory
the lambda workspace should only be triggered and changes should happen, but, currently all workspaces are getting triggered, even he ones whose directory and codes has no changes

Any suggestions??


You’re looking for the run trigger settings in the workspace. Double check that each one of your workspaces has the proper subdirectory in your repository set as both its working directory for Terraform as well as the only directory you want to trigger a run from in VCS settings.