Terraform Cloud Usability Feedback

Is there a git repo to open issues for feedback on Terraform Cloud?

I’ll place my first one here in case this is the best place.

As the workspace growth continues, I’m finding the current filters and organization of workspaces challenging to maintain.

Virtual Grouping/Folders

What I’d like to see is the ability to group and organize various workspaces in the UI so i can see more summarized and grouped information.

As a first idea, it might be really useful if you could set a string parsing splitter such as dash so that this could create common groupings.

For example


might result in a grouping of

| --- eu-west-1-my-proj
| --- eu-west-2-my-proj
| --- eu-west-1-my-proj
| --- eu-west-2-my-proj
| --- us-east-1-my-proj

If even better there was a way to include some basic metadata on the workspace based on variables or something, it might allow grouping and organizing based on this. For example perhaps provide workspace metadata tags and then allow grouping.

Batching multiple commits

If I make 4 commits, I will get 4 seperate full plans. Since Terraform is always using the latest cloud resource state, that doesn’t align with this type of tool which is state based. Instead, multiple commits should get batched with the earlier run allowing automatic discard instead of blocking all the pending remaining plans when auto apply isn’t on.

Additional Columns

I’d like to have some more control of what displays. I can’t easily see what workspaces have auto-apply vs manual, version of terraform and more. Having some of this workspace data be optional columns would be useful as I roll out to a larger team.

Auto-Approve Based on Type Of Change

Another aspect that causes a lot of work in adopting… integrated checks. RIght now I don’t use auto apply as my team is still in the early adoption phase. I want to validate changes. However, on some plans I’d like the ability to auto approve changes + new, but require approval on destruction actions. If destroy > 0 then require approval, otherwise changing resources would allow me to auto-approve.

Link to VCS using CLI/Init

I have to go build more work to manage my infra management tool. I sure would like a simple cli option to initialize some of my workspace bindings, or at least backend configuration options that I can add to initialize the binding while I am setting up a new plan. Otherwise, it’s a lot of GUI steps to enforce binding to VCS or I have to build another terraform plan to then manage the workspaces.

I’ve wanted to submit issues to dialogue with this but can’t find the appropriate place. I think Terraform Cloud has a lot of promise for helping Terraform cloud adoption, but a few of these points are beginning to give me trouble as I increase the adoption.