Teams and Workspace Visibility

I’m currently using a free Terraform Cloud plan and I have a question about teams. Is it possible to hide workspaces from the workspaces page on a per-team basis? I currently added one of our organization’s applications to Terraform Cloud, and adding a second one would result in an unorganized mess of workspaces on the workspaces page.

The first application I added has 11 root modules and 4 environments, so I have 44 Terraform Cloud workspaces (e.g. app-vpc-dev, app-vpc-stage, …, app-rds-dev, etc.)! Is it common to have this kind of granularity? Are there any plans to add organization to the workspaces page, either by application or environment? I can search “dev” using the search to filter by one environment, but if there were multiple apps it would show both, and there is no way to search “app*dev”, etc.

Major concerns are the sheer number of workspaces and the risk of someone applying a workspace for the wrong app.