WHile creating workspace only showing 2 repos , why?

I tried to create a workspace but it is not happening

It supposed to show all repos right but not showing all repos

It is showing only 2 repos

Please clarify following 2 questions:

  1. Why it is showing 2 repos only?

  2. Does Terraform create workspaces with the repo name every time?
    When I attempt to create a workspace on Terraform Cloud, I select a repo and the workspace is immediately given the name of the repo.

  1. The number of respositories is based on the permissions you’ve granted Terraform Cloud in GitHub. Under Applications in GitHub, you’ll find a user interface for giving the Terraform Cloud application access to all repositories, or a selection of them (and you probably have the latter selected)
  2. The default name is the repository name, but you can change that on the next screen (step 4 in the wizard, there).

Hi Chrisarcand,

Where should I navigate to look for applications on Github? Take a look at the screenshot below. I couldn’t find it.