Terraform Clould - TF Plan freezing at initiating modules in workspace (Free Tier account)

We are currently experiencing a problem running TF plan in a certain workspaces both locally and via TF cloud console when we have included a specific number of changes and resources (via modules). The plan remains stick at initiating modules and plugins for about 6 minutes and gives an error message saying “undefined”.

Note that sometimes the plan starts but freezes about half way through.

The modules are meant to create AWS s3 buckets using a modified version of the AWS S3 bucket module.

It is also observed that when we reduce the added new modules and resources, we can run the plan successfully.

We have used TF_LOG to investigate and it shows nothing out of place.

Are there any limitations to the number of modules or resources we can plan and apply in a workspace? Else could you advise on what possibly is the causing the tf plan timeouts.

current terraform version: 1.3.6
Number of resources in state: 1300
Plans, Apply and State are managed remotely in TF Cloud.

Thanks in advance for the anticipated input.

Additional Information:
The terraform workspace version has been updated to 1.5.5 but still experiencing the same issue with regards the specific workspace. All aws provider version will be updated to latest released version - 5.13.0 to see if that helps with the issue.

Any input will be appreciated.

Hi @devops7,

Unfortunately I think debugging this situation will require referring directly to your workspace settings and your configuration, and so this question isn’t something that is practical to answer in the community forum.

Instead, I suggest contacting HashiCorp Support who can, with your permission, refer directly to your account settings, workspace settings, and other details that might help explain what went wrong with these runs.


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