All Terraform workspaces in organization get stuck in "Plan Queued" state when trying to plan a run


It seems as of this morning around 11am EST up until now, 7pm EST, any time I attempt to queue a plan in any of my organizations’ terraform workspaces, the plan is stuck in the “Plan Queued” phase. I have been using the terraform cloud for over a year and have never experienced this issue before. I am running Terraform v0.13.6 in each of my workspaces. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can attempt to remedy this issue? I’ve searched all over online and can’t find others who have experienced and resolved this issue.

For reference, the last plan to successfully move from the queue into attempting to run the plan did error out with the follow message:

Any and all help is appreciated.


Hi! Welcome to the forum!

We had some scheduled maintenance today right around the times you mention here, which I suspect was the issue. This maintenance is completed now, so please do let us know if something is still awry.


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Hi, my terraform cloud is not showing anything after logging in, just a white blank screen since 20hrs ago or so. Please advice how to fix it.

My username is JoshYr.

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@chrisarcand thank you for the response. Unfortunately, the issue still exists for me. I am still able to log in and queue plans but the plans never move from the queued state to actually planning. I will continue to monitor the page.

Thanks and let me know if there is anything else you recommend I do.

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@chrisarcand as the issue is now marked as resolved and there is a status that “All Systems Operational” on I wanted to follow up here as I am still having the same issue as described above. Any ideas for how to resolve this?

@jross-ai it sounds like there may be some lingering issues from our troubles this weekend! If you reach out to and include the name of your TFC organization they should be able to debug further.

@radditude thanks for the help. It looks like the issue has resolved itself :slight_smile:

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I am getting the same issue, “Plan Queued” from morning. is any maintenance going on?

I am also receiving “Plan Queued” as the status for my current run.
I can confirm all previous runs for the workspace have entered a final state (errored, Applied, or cancelled).

Is this due to a lack of servers/workers available in terraform cloud to execute the run?

Oh wait, is there some sort of limit for concurrent runs for the free tier of Terraform cloud?

I am also facing same issue for last 3 days. All requests into plan queued. I am using free version. pls help.

is it still same? I am also facing for last 3 days.

For me, the reason it was stuck in “Plan queued” state is because free tier organisations do not support concurrent plan execution.
I had a terraform plan in another workspace attached to same org. which was being applied so it was not able to start the new plan until it was complete.

Here is a link to relevant page: Home - Terraform Cloud | Terraform by HashiCorp

Took me a while to research this since like everything from Hashicorp, this information is very poorly documented.

Check the state of all your workspaces. If one is in an intermediate state like “processing”/“applying”, that’s the issue.

Otherwise, you could have an older run which is already queued in the same workspace.

That run needs to enter a final state by either cancelling or applying the run before the newer run can be executed

Hi all,

As Terraform Cloud users I’d recommend that if you ever see something that seems wrong where the documentation isn’t helping you should contact HashiCorp Support before you spend a bunch of time on it.

The support team can provide specialized help for your particular situation, such as noticing which service tier your organization belongs to and letting you know exactly what information relates to you.

(Whereas of course the documentation is written for a more general audience, and so can’t necessarily highlight whatever is relevant to your specific situation.)


Seems like a useless waste of everyone’s time when the issue and solutions can be very simply documented…

Why would I choose to write 2 paragraphs and wait 1 week for a support person to answer my ticket (probably with not even the correct answer which means I need to continue the conversation to clarify the subject) if I could find documentation in 5 minutes which answers my question directly…

Sorry apparentlymart, but I find your answer very unsatisfying.


I do appreciate your answer though. It helps to explain why your platform and ecosystem is so rubbish.