Workspaces Stuck in Queued Status

I have not been able to run any of our workspaces today, as they are stuck in either “Plan Queued” or “Apply Queued” state and will not move forward. I’ve checked all of the status boards and do not see any planned maintenance. Is there anything I can do to remedy the issue?

Everything eventually ran, but it took 15+ hours of waiting for things to run.

Hi @AlexisJackson,

I’m sorry that there was an unexplained delay in your Terraform Cloud runs.

The participants in this forum are either community members or folks like myself who can help with general Terraform usage questions but don’t have access to operational details about Terraform Cloud and your workspaces within it.

For this sort of question I’d recommend contacting HashiCorp Support, since they are better equipped to answer questions about specific organizations and workspaces in Terraform Cloud. Although I can see that the problem has now resolved itself, the support team might still be able to help explain what happened here and determine if there’s a way to avoid it happening again in the future.