Terraform Count Multiple

Hi There,

I have a terraform script to create a series of F5 nodes, which works fine. (5 nodes)
I have a separate terraform script to create a series of F5 pools which works fine. (5 pools)

Both of the above are using csvdecode and count.

However, I am now trying to create an attachment but I cant use count multiple times in the same tf file without an error as apparantley you cant create two counts.

Does anyone have any solution? Not too good with terraform so excuse the lack of terminology.

Here is the script provided by F5, so im looking to have 25 entries here (5 pools X 5 nodes)

Have been able to setup the separate counts in the tf files for nodes and pools, just having issues with combining the two CSV files into one.

resource “bigip_ltm_pool_attachment” “attach_node” {
pool = bigip_ltm_pool.pool.name
node = “”