Terraform destroy azure load balancer

Hi Guys,

I’ve been trying to create a virtual machine scale set with terraform and its creating fine, but when I try to perform terraform destroy I receive this message below. Any ideas on how could I solve this issue?

thanks in advance

Error: Error waiting for completion of Load Balancer “vmss-see-d-01-LB” (Resource Group “RG-VMSS-D-SEE-01”): Code=“Canceled” Message=“Operation was canceled.” Details=[{“code”:“CanceledAndSupersededDueToAnotherOperation”,“message”:“Operation PutLoadBalancerOperation (81ab2118-37e3-4552-a2f7-e1e12bccb1e5) was canceled and superseded by operation InternalOperation (1d4e2e27-f457-4941-b3b8-e6352f84ddd1).”}]