Terraform error refreshing state: state snapshot

Having issues with Terraform upgrade… So I am in an older project which uses terraform version is 0.12, now my local version of terraform was 0.14.5 and I had run a init and plan with it (not apply). Now, when trying to change my TF version to 0.13 so I can upgrade my project TF from 0.12 to 0.13 I get this error: Terraform error refreshing state: state snapshot was created by Terraform v0.14.5, which is newer than current v0.13.0

However, as I am using my backend through S3, when I check the state file it hasn’t been updated since last year and still shows the version of 0.12. So where is this issue coming from and how can I resolve it so I can upgrade to 0.13?

Hi @charlienoller

If the state is stored in s3, and you can see the state was last written using v0.12, then there is a discrepancy somewhere and you are accessing a different copy of the state, since you must be reading a state file created somewhere by v0.14.5. I would first carefully review the backend settings with the upgraded configuration, or check local copies of the state.