Terraform version upgrade to 0.13.7 to 0.14.2 but state file is not updated

I am trying to upgrade the terraform version from 0.13.7 to 0.14.2 in my project for some modules through aws cli and it is showing that version changes are upgraded but no statefile terraform version has changed. still it is showing 0.13.7.
i used jenkins for automation deploy even same issue.

used terraform refresh is also not working

how can I can get the solution for this

Hi @adamarashetti,

If you can plan and apply with the new version of Terraform, then there is nothing to solve. The version string stored in the state is an internal implementation detail, and not directly relevant to the version you are running.

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Hi @jbardin How can idientify that and can resolve the issue?

Sorry, I don’t understand. Can you explain what you want to identify, and what issue you want to resolve?